July 13, 2021

How To Play PUBG PC Lite In India


Wait Is Over for PUBG PC Lite
Finally, PUBG PC Lite has been launched in Thailand and also in four more countries- Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. it’s totally free of cost but the thing is that it hasn’t launched globally. So I’m here to give you some tricks to download and install PUBG PC Lite in India. In India, PUBG Lite Will release in Summer 2019.
So without wasting time lets get started 🙂

Specs of using PUBG Lite PC

  1. Without Emulator
  2. With High Graphics Settings
  3. Work Smoothly On Low-End PC
  4. Without Any Cost

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These are the steps you need to follow to install the PUBG PC Lite

Steps to Download PUBG PC Lite

  • 1. First of all, you have to visit PUBG PC Lite Official Website: Click Here
  • 2. Then click on Download As shown in Image.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 1
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 3. Now Downloading will start in your download manager. I have IDM so it is showing in IDM Download Manager.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 2
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 4. Now Open the destination folder and open the setup file after that click on Next Button.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 3
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 5. Then Accept the License Agreement and click on Next button.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 4
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 6. Select your destination folder where you want to install the setup file and click on Next Button.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 5
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 7. After that tick on “create a desktop shortcut” and select the next Button.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 6
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 8. Click on Install Button.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 7
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 9. Tick on Run Laucher.exe and click on finish button.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 8
Source: Eakhbaar

Steps to create PUBG Account

  • 10. Then PUBG will open automatically and ask for login.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 9
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 11. After that you have to create account so click on “Create My Account” so it will automatically open the official website for creating account Now fill up your details and confirmation email will be sent on your Email ID then open your email and click on confirm to register.
  • 12. Now login your credentials on PUBG Software.
PUBG-Eakhbaar 10
Source: Eakhbaar
  • 13. You will see this error when you logged In
PUBG-Eakhbaar 11
Source: Eakhbaar

Steps to download and use VPN

14. So now this is the tricky thing to do. You have to download a VPN
that’s why I suggest you the best VPN for PC and the name is Psiphon VPN

Click Here To Download It

15. Download the VPN and open it then select the country as “Singapore” and Connect it

PUBG-Eakhbaar 12
Source: Eakhbaar

16. Open the PUBG game again and click on the Start Button to download the Data file of PUBG its download the data of something 2GB So you have to wait for it.

PUBG-Eakhbaar 13
Source: Eakhbaar

17. That’s it the game is ready to Play. accept the terms and conditions and tap on Next Button after that you’ll see Start Button at the Bottom Left. tap on that and start to play the game. I Hope You Will Get Your Chicken Dinner 😉

So, Are you excited to try PUBG Lite on Your PC? Because it is lightweight then PUBG PC. If You Have Any Problem then tell us in the comment below we’ll try to solve that As Soon as Possible.

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6 thoughts on “How To Play PUBG PC Lite In India

  1. After the Completion of installation the game starts loads shows “initializing” and then shows “error this is not available in your region” even though my psiphon vpn is on. please help me with this issue.

    1. Please change your laptop timezone to bankok then open vpn and connect it to malaysia or bankok and open the game again
      Tell me one thing have you downloaded the large data file of pubg?

      1. Yes i have downloaded the large data file the game starts normally but then after initializing it shows a error saying “its unavailable in your region”.
        As you said try bangkok .. but country bangkok is not available in the options of Psiphon vpn.
        so tried singapore and changed my pc timezone to singapore it still shows the same error.
        please help.

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